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Marcellin vs Old Ivanhoe (Reserves)

Marcellin vs Old Ivanhoe (Reserves)

59 - 89
Full Time


Old Ivanhoe4.4-286.5-418.9-5713.11-89131189Win

Match Details

First Quarter: Marcellin won the toss and elected to kick with the aid of a 2 to 3 goal wind which enabled Marcellin to draw first blood with a major. Tom Kellock was trying hard in the ruck and around the ground and was ably being assisted by captain Tony Stenta. Debutant Oscar Perez opened the Old Boys account with a goal which resulted from good Old Ivanhoe team work. The first half of the quarter was proving to be very much an arm wrestle with pressure being applied by both teams all over the ground. It wasn’t until Mitch French showed his magic by twisting and turning to affect a handball to Jack Welham that resulted in the Hoers second goal. The Hoers third goal of the quarter came from a very good front and square by Mitch French who was starting to make his influence felt. The fourth goal of the quarter came from a great smother from the come back kid Nick Reeve-Smyth that resulted in Oscar Perez’s first goal for the club.

Quarter Time Scores: OIGFC 4 4 28 to Marcellin 2 1 13.

First Quarter Best: Kellock, Perez, French, Stenta, Gough and Tsanoudakis.

First Quarter Goals: Perez 1, Welham 1, French 1, Tsanoudakis 1.


Second Quarter: The quarter started with Marcellin receiving 3 questionable free kicks in a row. Stevie Tsanoudakis was very active early in the quarter, however, Marcellin scored the first goal of the quarter after 6 minutes which once again came from a rather questionable umpiring decision. The hoers at this stage were finding it hard to get the ball inside their forward 50, finally a classy snap from the boundary from Chris Richards bought up the Hoers first goal of the quarter. James Kandiliotis began to gather a number of possessions before a Mitch French handpass found an unattended running Jackson Powell who kicked the Hoers second and final goal of the quarter.

Half Time Scores: OIGFC 6 7 43 lead Marcellin 4 2 26.

Second Quarter Best: French, Kandiliotis, Tsanoudakis, Powell, Kellock and Stenta.

Second Quarter Goals: Richards 1, Powell 1.


Third Quarter: Marcellin came out after half time to play some inspired football kicking the first 3 goals of the quarter and they also began to control the stoppages. The Hoers did however look good when they found space and were able to run the ball by hand and foot. The Hoers first goal of the quarter came from Jack Welham, the second resulted from a centre clearance from Nick Reeve-Smyth who passed to Tom Kellock who in turn handballed to the running Reeva for a classy goal. Another highlight of the quarter came from a brilliant but hard and fair tackle from Jacko Powell.

Three Quarter Time Scores: OIGFC 8 9 57 lead Marcellin 8 3 51.

Third Quarter Best: Powell, French, Kellock, Reeve-Smyth, Oliver and Corben.

Third Quarter Goals: Welham 1, Reeve-Smyth 1.


Final Quarter: With the game in the balance Stevie Tsandoudakis, Tiger Nagel and Jack Welham took it upon themselves to rise to the occasion to get the Hoers over the line. The quarter began with a Stevie T burst from the opening bounce to a leading Jack Welham who immediately scored a goal for the Old Boys. The second goal came from a pass from Tom Corben to a leading Jack Welham. The rest of the quarter belonged to Tiger Nagel who had been shifted forward by super coach Darren Toll and as a resulted kicked 3 goals in a row to put the game beyond question. Another highlight of the quarter belonged to Ant Willison who ran back in defence with flight of the ball, eyes only for the ball and heavy traffic coming his way took a remarkably courageous mark against all odds.


Final Scores: OIGFC 13 11 89 defeated Marcellin 9 5 59.

Final Quarter Best: Tsandoudakis, Nagel, Welham, Perez, Kellock and Oliver.

Final Quarter Goals: Nagel 3, Welham 2.

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians
Goal Kickers: J. Welham 4, W. Nagel 3, N. Reeves-Smyth, J. Powell, M. French, O. Perez, S. Tsanoudakis, C. Richards
Best Players: L. Oliver, T. Sano-Toney, W. Nagel, T. Kellock, S. Tsanoudakis, J. Powell


Date Time League Season
June 19, 2021 11:40 am Reserves 2021


Marcellin College
Oval 1, Bulleen Road, Bulleen
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