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Old Ivanhoe vs Old Mentonians (Reserves)

Old Ivanhoe vs Old Mentonians (Reserves)

230 - 6
Full Time


Old Ivanhoe8.1-4914.10-9421.19-14535.20-2303520230Win
Old Mentonians1.0-61.0-61.0-61.0-6166Loss

Match Details

Following a number of disappointing losses over the last couple of weeks, hopes were high for a turn around for the 2nds side in their match against Old Mentonians.  The end result was an emphatic win, highlighted by a last quarter effort in which we piled on 14 unanswered goals, with the final score being 35.20.230 to 1.0.6.

Matt Broughan kicked 11 majors, Ben Oliver 5 and Nick Marshall & Stevie Tsanoudakis each slotted through 4.  The win boosted the team’s percentage from 76% to 136%.  Whilst little can be drawn from such a large win, it is noted that the boys’ victory underlines the talent that has laid dormant over the last few weeks.  Hopefully this result will provide a turning point and enable the side to push for a spot in the top 4 over the coming weeks.

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians
Goal Kickers: M. Broughan 11, B. Oliver 5, N. Marshall 4, S. Tsanoudakis 4, J. Bradley 2, T. O”Halloran 2, C. Matheson 2, A. Solomidis 2, S. Gibbs, A. Bacskos, J. Kandiliotis
Best Players: C. Snodgrass, M. Golden, A. Steer, M. Martin, A. Stenta, M. Altis
Old Mentonians
Goal Kickers: G. McMullan
Best Players: M. Teasdale, L. Oliver, P. Forsyth, J. Milligan, L. Dee


Date Time League Season
May 12, 2018 11:40 am Reserves 2018


Chelsworth Park
Irvine Rd, Ivanhoe
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