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Old Ivanhoe vs UHS-VU (Reserves)

Old Ivanhoe vs UHS-VU (Reserves)

167 - 10
Full Time


Old Ivanhoe6.3-3913.8-8621.11-13726.11-1672611167Win

Match Details

First Quarter: The Hoers were greeted with heavy Chelsworth Park conditions, however, it was a special day for 2 players namely Ash Steer and James Kandiiliotis who were playing their respective 200 and 100 games for the club. A banner was provided for both Ash and James to run through. The Hoers were quickly on the board through the agency of Mitch French and was quickly followed by a good goal from Jack Bradley. Despite the heavy conditions the Hoers were playing dry weather football. The Hoers third goal of the quarter came through a beautiful pass from Jake Erman to a leading Tom Kellock who was playing at full forward. Some very good in and under work from Jacko Powell saw him flip the ball out of heavy traffic in front of the club rooms pocket that saw Mitch French snap a goal almost out of nothing. An unusual thing then happened shortly after the centre bounce as one of the field umpires ordered the UHS/VU boundary umpire from the field for abusive language. The Hoers defence was repelling all UHS/VU attacks with Tom Corben providing a number of excellent spoils. The final goal of the quarter came from a Stevie T burst through heavy traffic who kicked the ball over the UHS/VU defenders to an awaiting Jack Bradley who goaled.

Quarter Time scores: OIGFC: 6 3 39 lead UHS/VU 0 0 0.

Goals: Tom Kellock 2, Mitch French 2, Jack Bradley 2.

First Quarter Best: Stevie Tsanoudakis, Tom Kellock, Jack Bradley, Mitch French, Tom Corben, Jacko Powell.

Second Quarter: The Hoers opening goal came from a slick handpass from Kane Veliou to a running Stevie T who drilled it home. The second goal came via a good Jack Bradley gather who kicked the ball long the high in the full forward direction which resulted in a very good front and square roving by Tom Kellock who then slammed it home for 6 points. Taka almost in repetition of Jack Bradley kicked the ball in the TK direction who once again was front and square and kicked another goal. The quarter was starting to belong to TK as he was able to gather the ball that was kicked in long and direct, gather it, twist and turn and slot another through the big sticks. Oscar Perez demonstrated good evasive ball use to and then used the ball to find an unmarked Taka who steadied and kicked truly. Shortly after captain Tony Stenta giving his best Maradona impersonation kicked ball in mid air only for the ball to go flying through the centre of the goals. Stevie T was in everything and great team play saw the ball in Kandi’s hands as he slotted a good goal in his 100th game and the Hoers players came from everywhere to congratulate him. Another highlight of the quarter was a 30 meter defensive punch from Tiger Nagel in the back half.

Half Time Scores: OIGFC: 13 8 86 lead UHS/VU 0 0 1.

Second Quarter Goals: Tom Kellock 3, Stevie T 1, Tony Stenta 1, Taka 1, Kandi 1.

Second Quarter Best: Tom Kellock, Stevie T, Tony Stenta, Kane Veliou, Mitch Frenck, Liam Oliver.


Third Quarter: The quarter commenced with 7 consecutive ball ups frustrating both sides until a 50 meter free kick was awarded to a UHS/VU player and as a result of his kick it bought up their first and only goal of the day. Ant Wilison and Tom Corben were holding firm in defence and a subsequent 50 meter penalty awarded to Tom Corben resulted in him kicking the ball to Tom Kellock who took a good juggling mark and he then goaled. Oscar Perez won the ball and kicked long to the goal square which saw Kane Veliou crumb front and centre to provide another Hoers goal. TK was starting to prove unstoppable as he gathered the ball and handballed to Jack Bradley for yet another goal. The Hoers forwards were having a field day. In the final 5 minutes of the quarter TK alone kicked 3 more goals to bring his goal tally at three quarter time to 10.

Three Quarter Time Scores: OIGFC: 21 11 137 lead UHS/VU 1 1 7.

Third Quarter Goals: Tom Kellock 5, Kane Veliou 1, Jack Bradley 1, Oscar Perez 1.

Third Quarter Best: Tom Kellock, Ant Willison, Jack Bradley, Oscar Perez, Kane Veliou, Will Gough.


Final Quarter: A comedy of errors resulted in the Hoers first goal of the quarter coming through the agency of Stevie T in the goal square where neither teams players wanted to grab the football. Ash Steer was moved to Full forward by super coach Darren Toll and Steerie didn’t let him down when he took a fine overhead mark looking into the sun. The resulting goal in Ash Steer’s 200th game saw his Hoers team mate swamp him with hugs of congratulations. A group tackle by TK and Jack Bradley resulted in a spillage and mop up goal from Jack Bradley. Another good juggling mark from Ash steer saw him slot through his second for the quarter. The remaining highlights of the quarter saw a brilliant one hand pick by Matty Augello who cleared the ball out of defence and Tom Kellock kicking his 11th and final goal of the game.

Final Scores: OIGFC 26 11 167 defeated UHS/VU 1 4 10.

Final Quarter Goals: Ash Steer 2, Stevie T 1, Jack Bradley 1, Tom Kellock 1.

Final Quarter Best: Tony Stenta, Jacko Powell, Ash Steer, James Kandiliotis, Kane Veliou, Jack Bradley.

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians
Goal Kickers: T. Kellock 11, J. Bradley 5, M. French 2, S. Tsanoudakis 2, A. Steer 2, A. Stenta, O. Perez, K. Veliou, T. Sano-Toney
Best Players: A. Steer, J. Kandiliotis, T. Kellock, T. Sano-Toney, K. Veliou, T. Corben
Uhs-Vu Afc
Goal Kickers: D. Nelson
Best Players: S. Brooks, H. Hilliar, J. Lowe, A. Cancian, H. Ley, D. Nelson


Date Time League Season
June 26, 2021 11:40 am Reserves 2021


Chelsworth Park
Irvine Rd, Ivanhoe
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