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Round 3 – Old Ivanhoe Grammarians vs Old Haileyburians

Round 3 – Old Ivanhoe Grammarians vs Old Haileyburians

53 - 51
Full Time


Old Ivanhoe2.3-155.4-346.5-418.5-53Win
Old Haileybury1.5-112.9-215.14-445.21-51Loss

Match Details

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians
Goal Kickers: D. Buttifant 3, B. Leach 2, H. Heta, N. Marshall, S. Wilcox
Best Players: M. Mitris, D. Bruno, S. Wilcox, J. Moio, S. Geilings, M. Bacskos
Old Haileyburians
Goal Kickers: L. Treverton, J. Plymin, J. Nicolopoulos, J. Munro, C. Connelly
Best Players: A. Budge, A. Toy, T. Witherow, J. Plymin, J. Munro, J. Paul


Date Time League Season
April 29, 2017 2:00 pm Seniors 2017


Chelsworth Park
Irvine Rd, Ivanhoe
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