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Committee Member Michael Backsos

Committee Member Michael Backsos

Michael Backsos joined the OIGFC committee in 2015 and is currently responsible for Communications.

Michael attended Ivanhoe Grammar School and played 1st XVIII football in his senior years. After finishing VCE, Michael moved onto OIGFC and has been with the club ever since.

Michael is excited to see the club move back into the higher divisions and better itself both on and off the field. Personally, he is keen on winning a senior premiership to go alongside the U19’s one from 2010!

Micheal’s vision for OIGFC is underpinned by the great support the club provides, both on and off the field. In particular, a stellar coaching line up, aimed at developing players in all aspects of their life, in addition to developing their football skills.

Michael brings communications, business and marketing skills to the OIGFC committee, having worked at Telstra for the last three years. Personally, Michael is excited to work alongside high calibre committee members.

Outside of OIGFC, Michael enjoys keeping fit, socialising with friends and watching the Hawks play. His favourite OIGFC memory is winning the U19’s Premiership in 2010. That is right up there with every Sydney Footy Trip!

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