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Old Ivanhoe v De La Salle (U19s)

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Goal Kickers: L. Grusling 5, G. Battistella 3, N. Sivakumar 2, E. Gover, M. Rocca Best Players: L. Grusling, J. Anderson, T. Rattray-Wood, J. Sandford, J. Zappone, D. Conlan De La Salle Goal Kickers: H. McLean 2, J. Canning , G. Ganavas, B. Abraham, J. King Best...

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Williamstown CYMS v Old Ivanhoe (U19s)

Williamstown CYMS Goal Kickers: W. Christie 7, H. Sposato 3, B. Johnson 2, L. Warren, L. Wade, J. Neville, T. Finnegan Best Players: H. Sposato, S. Donnelly, T. Finnegan, L. McIntosh, W. Christie, J. Billington Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Goal Kickers: G. Battistella 7, E. Gover, D. Edwards, T. Rattray-Wood Best...

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Old Ivanhoe vs Parkside Football Club (U19s)

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Goal Kickers: S. Daniel, C. Presta Best Players: T. Rattray-Wood, O. Casamento, J. Anderson, J. Zappone, C. McManus, J. Webber Parkside Football Club Goal Kickers: T. Hakins 3, I. Katsouranis 2, C. Gauder 2, P. Vlahos 2, J. Talalla, D. Twist , B. McManus Best Players: T....

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Old Ivanhoe vs Marcellin (U19s)

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Goal Kickers: L. Taskovski, S. Daniel, M. Rocca, H. Walkley Best Players: T. Rattray-Wood, K. Sano-Toney, L. Taskovski, M. Rocca, A. Angelis, K. Taylor Marcellin Goal Kickers: J. Tierney 7, B. Evans 4, J. Hogan 2, B. Croft 2, L. Perry, L. Carfi, D. Pierce Best Players:...

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Old Trinity vs Old Ivanhoe (U19s)

Old Trinity Goal Kickers: J. Hindson 10, L. Davidson 7, S. Heaton 5, E. Davey 5, A. Alder 4, L. Scobie 2, M. Moran 2, B. Smith, H. Taylor, S. Pilkington, M. Quinn, L. Wong, D. Rogers Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Best Players: T. Rattray-Wood, S. Daniel, G. Battistella,...

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Old Ivanhoe vs Mazenod (U19s)

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Goal Kickers: E. Gover Best Players: W. Corlett, C. Simonsen, J. Zappone, T. Rattray-Wood, G. Battistella, B. Davis Mazenod Goal Kickers: J. Caspersz 8, D. O''Driscoll 3, H. Boyce 3, F. Ford 2, E. Sherlock 2, H. Boxshall 2, R. Amendola 2, L. Boyle 2, D....

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