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Old Ivanhoe v Williamstown CYMS (Women)

Old Ivanhoe v Williamstown CYMS (Women)

27 - 31
Full Time


Old Ivanhoe0.3-30.5-52.8-203.9-273927Loss
Williamstown CYMS1.0-63.0-184.0-245.1-315131Win

Match Details

Round eleven loomed as a big match for not only Old Ivanhoe but also Williamstown. Both sides were placed in the top four with aspirations of working their way into the top two. The match took place on a gloomy day at Chelsworth Park with rain playing its part early.

The opening quarter was evenly matched as Williamstown did the early attacking, kicking their first of the match with a clever snap around the corner. Old Ivanhoe responded with several chances of their own but their inability to capitalise would become the story of the day. Both teams showed strength in the ruck department and Lucy Purchase was key in the battle to give her team first use of the football, working well alongside Anna Gibbs. Heading into quarter time it was Williamstown’s lone goal that was enough to give them the lead.

The second quarter was very similar to the display that took place in the first. The ball was hotly contested and the tackles were hard but it was Williamstown who dictated the scoring. Throughout the opening half it was clear that the main differences between the two sides were Williamstown’s clean ball use and ability to mark strongly. Old Ivanhoe struggled to use the ball as efficiently and again missed chances that they felt confident they could take. As the siren sounded for half time the score read Williamstown 18 to Old Ivanhoe’s 5 points.

The rain cleared and the sun came out to begin the second half of the match. Old Ivanhoe seemed to turn the corner after a rest and a pep talk as they looked much stronger over the ball and through the midfield. Bella Reeves-Smyth played one of her best quarters in the midfield as she used her strength to win several clearances and had plenty of contested ball. Sarah Foley showed her pace as she broke the lines to kick Old Ivanhoe’s first goal of the day. Williamstown quickly responded with a goal of their own but Old Ivanhoe were not deterred as they went back on the attack. Romy Costa and Scarlett Reeves-Smyth combined for an intelligent 1-2 handball resulting in Romy scoring one of the team’s best goals of the year. The Old Ivanhoe run left them within four points at the final break and the game was anyone’s to win.

Williamstown scored the opening goal of the last quarter but Old Ivanhoe still felt like they were in with a big chance. Wendy Nguyen and Emma Volpe stood up strongly in defence, repelling the Williamstown attack and continually seeing the ball out of defence. Bonae Langborne owned the outer wing as she took several intercept marks and put the ball back in Old Ivanhoe’s forward 50 at least half a dozen times. Old Ivanhoe got the goal they had desperately desired through Tash Reeve, whose hard work all day had paid off as she brought her team back within four points with just as many minutes to play. Old Ivanhoe won the ball out of the centre but could not manage the goal they required and as the final siren went it was Williamstown who walked away with the points.

Old Ivanhoe approach the final bye with a 7-4 record and go into the end of the season looking to improve.

By Jack Veal

Old Ivanhoe
Goal Kickers: R. Costa, S. Foley, N. Reeve
Best Players: W. Nguyen, I. Reeves-Smyth, B. Langborne, R. Costa, L. Purchase
Williamstown CYMS
Goal Kickers: K. Cook 3, H. Elliott, P. Glaister
Best Players: F. Yiannis, K. Cook, J. Ramirez, P. Glaister, E. Howell, G. Petty


Date Time League Season
June 30, 2018 12:00 pm Womens 2018


Chelsworth Park
Irvine Rd, Ivanhoe
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