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Old Ivanhoe vs Mazenod (Reserves)

Old Ivanhoe vs Mazenod (Reserves)

83 - 50
Full Time


Old Ivanhoe3.2-204.5-299.7-6112.11-83121183Win

Match Details

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians
Goal Kickers: J. Bradley 4, M. French 3, A. Stenta 2, T. Kellock 2, C. Wilson
Best Players: J. Erman, D. Steele, A. Willison, J. Bradley, W. Nagel, S. Tsanoudakis
Goal Kickers: A. Gilmore, F. Palleschi, J. Welsford, J. Egan, A. Brand-Oliver, P. Ilic, S. Welsford
Best Players: J. Welsford, D. Hayes, B. Wales, A. Brand-Oliver, M. Whiting, W. Hayes

First Quarter: The Hoers won the toss and kick towards the city end of Chelsworth Park with the aid of a 3 to 4 goal wind. The first 5 to 7 minutes was an arm with both teams applying good pressure all over the ground. The Hoers conceded Mazenod’s first behind after desperate defensive play was demonstrated by Matty Augello to rush a behind, the “Noddies” only score of the quarter. The Hoers soon settled and were being well led by captain Tony Stenta who produced a team lifting smother. The Hoers first goal came from a good defensive run out of defence by Tiger Nagel who passed to Stevie T who then sent a long bomb to TK who marked and then recorded the Hoers first goal of the game. The Hoers second goal came from good teamwork with Tiger Nagel once again found passing to Mitch French who then spotted up Ace Stenta who kicked truly from 40 meters. The final goal of the quarter came as a result of great pressure tackle from Mitch French where the ball spilled free and Frenchy was able to snap a good goal. Other highlights of the quarter were Ant Willison’s marking in defence and Tiger Nagel’s defensive clearances.

Quarter Time Scores: OIGFC 3 2 20 lead Mazenod 0 1 1.

First Quarter Goals: Tom Kellock 1, Ace Stenta 1, Mitch French 1.

First Quarter Best Players: French, Nagel, Stevie T, Tony Stenta, Powell, Kellock.


Second Quarter: It was Mazenod’s turn with the wind and they were prepared to take full advantage of it. Despite the Hoers tacking pressure Mazenod was able to find some free running players and the “Noddies” were looking dangerous in patches. The Hoers kicks forward were holding up in the breeze, however, against the trend Cooper Wilson applied a brilliant tackle inside 50 resulting in a subsequent free kick and a great goal against a stiff breeze. The remainder of the quarter belonged to Mazenod as they peppered the goals for 3 goals 5 behinds for the quarter. Hoers quarter highlights were Tiger Nagel’s long kick ins, Tim Fidler’s dash out of defence and Jacko Powell’s tackle on a much bigger opponent in front of the club rooms.

Half Time Scores: OIGFC 4 5 29 lead Mazenod 3 6 24.

Second Quarter Goal(s): Cooper Wilson 1.

Second Quarter Best: Wilson, Wilison, Nagel, Erman, French, Stevie T.


Third Quarter: It was the Hoers turn with the wind and it took very little time for them to use it as Jack Bradley marked on the boundary line just outside 50 and slotted a team lifting goal. Shortly after Oscar Perez found the ball and kicked to Jack Bradley which resulted in his second of the quarter. The Hoers had upped their tackling pressure with the third goal of the quarter coming from a slick handball from Kane Davies to Mitch French who snapped truly. The Hoers were pumping the ball continually forward and as a result the next goal came from a TK pass to an unmarked Ace Stenta who marked a goaled from a set shot. The final goal of the quarter came because of a twisting and turning TK who was able to pass to Jack Bradley for his third of the quarter. Other quarter highlights Kandi’s run-down chase and tackle and Jacko Powell’s extreme pace and Hoers defence keeping Mazenod to 2 behinds for the quarter.

Three Quarter Time Scores: OIGFC: 9 7 61 lead Mazenod 3 8 26.

Second Quarter Goals: Jack Bradley 3, Mitch French 1, Ace Stenta 1.

Third Quarter Best: Bradley, Stevie T, French, Steele, Gough, Willison.


Final Quarter: Mazenod kicked the opening goal inside 30 seconds to give their team hope which unfortunately for them was to be short lived because shortly after the Hoers showed great teamwork with Jacko Powell passing to Cooper Wilson who in turn kicked to Jack Bradley who slotted his fourth for the game. The second goal of the quarter came from great roving from Mitch French who snapped truly yet again. The third goal of the quarter came from an Ace Stenta pass to Oscar Perez who passed to a leading TK who marked on the boundary line next to the cricket nets. Tk went back and then kicked a truly good goal. Other quarter highlights included Kane Davie’s spoil in defence and big barrel in the dying seconds of the game from Oscar Perez that hit the goal post.


Date Time League Season
July 31, 2021 11:40 am Reserves 2021


Chelsworth Park
Irvine Rd, Ivanhoe
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