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Old Ivanhoe vs Old Melburnians (U19s)

Old Ivanhoe vs Old Melburnians (U19s)

82 - 71
Full Time


Old Ivanhoe2.2-147.5-4711.8-7412.10-82121082Win
Old Melburnians5.1-316.4-407.8-5010.11-71101171Loss

Match Details

Just before the June Bye, Old Ivanhoe’s U19 squad was stretched but performed under pressure from a good opponent.

Starting with 20, this soon went to 19 players in the first quater with Hamstring taking Oliver McGovern from the field who had been BOG in the previous game vs Fitzroy.

So with 19 players, Old Ivanhoe conceded early goals to OM, scrambling to setup defensively and entering the first break behind by 17 points. Old Melbourne were moving the ball quickly and able to run and hit targets.

Old Ivanhoe from the beginning of the second quater applied a bit more discipline to their direct opponent, focusing on preventing opposition run and then win their ball from there. The shift came from the midfield group, including a more focuses Ruck role from Alex Mirkov who began to grab the ball from the Stoppage and feed to an OIGFC player ensuring less and less clearance from OM.

Collectively, Tom Ingles, Ben Ramage, Lucas Zambelli, Louis Smithers, Matt Volpe, Alex Mirkov, and Rupert Azzopardi shifted the momentum of the game. Slowing OM ball movement, and more often than not, getting clearances from stoppages around the ground.

In the Third Quater, OIGFC got out to a 24 point lead and was able to protect this, getting over the line by 11 points at Full Time.

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians
Goal Kickers: M. Volpe 3, H. Frazer 3, T. Inglese, M. Hook, L. Smithers, R. Azzopardi, J. Petrongolo, E. Hunt
Best Players: A. Mirkov, L. Zambelli, B. Ramage, T. Coulter, T. Inglese, L. Smithers
Old Melburnians
Goal Kickers: S. Connock 3, H. Bede 2, S. Cameron 2, E. Bagia, J. Handolias, J. McGuire
Best Players: F. English, J. Grimade, E. Bagia, A. Williams, S. Cameron, L. Curtis


Date Time League Season
June 1, 2019 2:00 pm U19s 2019


Chelsworth Park
Irvine Rd, Ivanhoe
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