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Old Mentonians vs Old Ivanhoe (Reserves)

Old Mentonians vs Old Ivanhoe (Reserves)

38 - 193
Full Time


Old Mentonians1.0-62.1-132.1-136.2-386238Loss
Old Ivanhoe7.3-4514.3-8721.10-13630.13-1933013193Win

Match Details

The Reserves had a powerful victory, with the final score being 30.13.193 to 6.2.38.  James Kandiliotis led the way with a best on ground performance, also kicking 5 goals.  Jack Bradley and Brayden Lewis also each booted through 4 majors.  Other fine performers included Miles Leydon, Tyson Deane, Simon McKenzie, Lachlan McLeish and Anthony Stenta.

This win puts the team firmly in 5th position and an outside chance for finals.

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians
Goal Kickers: J. Kandiliotis 5, J. Bradley 4, B. Lewis 4, L. McLeish 3, C. Matheson 2, T. Crouch 2, T. Deane 2, A. Solomidis 2, A. Paine, J. French, M. Leyden, A. Bacskos, M. Golden, T. Spinks
Best Players: J. Kandiliotis, M. Leyden, T. Deane, S. MacKenzie, L. McLeish, A. Stenta


Date Time League Season
July 14, 2018 11:40 am Reserves 2018


Keysborough Playing Fields
756-768 Springvale Rd, Keysborough Victoria
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