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Round 13 – Old Haileybury v Old Ivanhoe Grammarians (U19s)

Round 13 – Old Haileybury v Old Ivanhoe Grammarians (U19s)

85 - 56
Full Time


Old Haileybury5.4-347.5-4711.12-7812.13-85Win
Old Ivanhoe0.03.6-243.7-258.8-56Loss

Match Details

Old Haileybury
Goal Kickers: D. Seccull 5, L. Stocker, S. Algeri, J. McHale, J. Gasparini, J. Johnston, O. Sharpe, S. Hall-Kahan
Best Players: R. Thompson, J. Gasparini, J. McHale, S. Hall-Kahan, R. Seccull, S. Algeri
Old Ivanhoe Grammarians
Goal Kickers: W. Nagel 3, S. Gibbs 2, C. Wilson 2, L. Scuderi
Best Players: S. Keogh, W. Coulter, T. Marshall, C. Wilson, W. Nagel, M. Jones


Date Time League Season
July 22, 2017 9:20 am U19s 2017


Princes Park Caulfield
280 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North
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