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Williamstown CYMS vs Old Ivanhoe (U19s)

Williamstown CYMS vs Old Ivanhoe (U19s)

60 - 107
Full Time


Williamstown CYMS2.2-142.4-165.11-418.12-6081260Loss
Old Ivanhoe3.3-217.7-499.9-6316.11-1071611107Win

Match Details

Round 15 saw Old Ivanhoe head out to the windy city of Williamstown to face the (then) top of the ladder Williamstown CYMS. True to form, the bay end of Fearon Reserve presented an advantage. Old Ivanhoe had to defend with urgency in the first quarter where Williamstown had the advantage. Managing to reach quarter time with a one goal lead gave OIGFC great energy, this then rolled into a further 4 goals in the 2nd quarter when kicking with the wind.

As the game grew older, Old Ivanhoe deployed their signature style of contested stoppage to stoppage football. This saw them maintain the halftime lead and grow it in the last when finally, they overcame Williamstown with consistent effort across the field. A fired-up Williamstown now meet St Bedes Mentone, again at Williamstown, and should Ivanhoe win and St Bedes lose to Willy, the coveted 4th position will finally be OIGFC’s.

OIGFC has the foundation of a midfield that can take them deep into Finals footy should they take 4th position off St Bedes-Mentone over coming weeks, however, the strength of Old Ivanhoe’s current performance trend is within the security the back-line provides, and the pressure the forward line are bringing once a forward entry is achieved.

WIlliamstown CYMS
Goal Kickers: W. Smyth 3, A. Lonie, N. Malkoun, E. Dixon, B. Parkinson, H. Pfluger
Best Players: D. Cross, D. Cutajar, H. Carter, E. Dixon, B. Parkinson, H. Chan
Old Ivanhoe Grammarians
Goal Kickers: J. Welham 8, M. French 2, W. Nagel, L. Minahan, H. Frazer, K. Veliou, M. Jones, L. Smithers
Best Players: J. Welham, K. Veliou, M. French, M. Jones, H. Matheson, L. Minahan


Date Time League Season
July 28, 2018 2:00 pm U19s 2018


Fearon Reserve
Osborne Street, Williamstown
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