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Old Ivanhoe vs UHS-VU (Seniors)

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Goal Kickers: L. Scuderi 3, S. Gibbs 2, H. Frazer 2, N. Reeves-Smyth 2, M. Mitris 2, S. Wilcox, D. Cookson, H. Matheson Best Players: S. Gibbs, J. Robertson, M. Mitris, S. Wilcox, D. Cookson, H. Frazer Uhs-Vu Afc Goal Kickers: B. Dimattina, F. Allen, P....

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Old Ivanhoe vs UHS-VU (Reserves)

First Quarter: The Hoers were greeted with heavy Chelsworth Park conditions, however, it was a special day for 2 players namely Ash Steer and James Kandiiliotis who were playing their respective 200 and 100 games for the club. A banner was provided for both Ash...

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Old Carey vs Old Ivanhoe (Thirds)

Old Carey Goal Kickers: O. Wyer 2, W. Burke 2, Z. Lisle Best Players: C. Lisle, M. Hose, S. Bailey, J. Ryan, O. Wyer, A. Candlish Old Ivanhoe Goal Kickers: C. McIlveen 5, S. Beattie 2, J. Beilin 2, W. Mantesso 2, J. Hollaway 2, C. Wilson 2, E....

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St Kevins OB v Old Ivanhoe (U19s)

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Goal Kickers: E. Gover 3, G. Battistella 3, S. Daniel 2, J. Harper 2, L. Grusling 2, A. Angelis, J. Sandford, O. Casamento Best Players: T. Rattray-Wood, J. Sandford, J. Weddle, A. Angelis, S. Daniel, C. Simonsen ...

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Marcellin vs Old Ivanhoe (Seniors)

Marcellin OC Goal Kickers: W. Campitelli 2, P. Howe 2, A. Kay 2, J. Antypas Best Players: P. Howe, W. Campitelli, M. Di Ciccio, P. Hamblin, J. Perry, B. Wiggins Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Goal Kickers: L. Scuderi 4, R. Skok 2, J. Bradley, H. Matheson, H. Frazer, K. Veliou Best...

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Old Ivanhoe v De La Salle (U19s)

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Goal Kickers: L. Grusling 5, G. Battistella 3, N. Sivakumar 2, E. Gover, M. Rocca Best Players: L. Grusling, J. Anderson, T. Rattray-Wood, J. Sandford, J. Zappone, D. Conlan De La Salle Goal Kickers: H. McLean 2, J. Canning , G. Ganavas, B. Abraham, J. King Best...

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Old Mentonians vs Old Ivanhoe (Seniors)

Old Mentonians Goal Kickers: J. Gorman 3, D. Brown 2, A. Grant 2, J. Florent Best Players: J. Gorman, L. Haig, D. Brown, R. Tunbridge, J. Fisher, A. Grant Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Goal Kickers: D. Stanford 4, H. Reid 2, H. Frazer 2, B. Oliver, J. Bradley, R. Skok,...

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