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Committee Member Shahira Bryant

Committee Member Shahira Bryant

Shahira Bryant first joined OIGFC in 2017, when her partner (a current player) introduced her to the club. As a supporter, Shahira was impressed with the great people involved in OIGFC and made a choice to become more involved.

Shahira is inspired by the club’s values and people, and believes that by connecting people – players, sponsors, supporters, staff – to opportunities, the club and its people will be more successful.

Shahira’s background is in organisational mapping and project planning – skills she hopes to apply to OIGFC in the future planning of the club. Shahira has been actively involved in the most recent change at OIGFC – the introduction of the club’s first ever women’s team. Both on and off the field, Shahira has contributed greatly to the addition of this exciting new team and has been instrumental in creating a culture of inclusion and harmony at the club.

Shahira has enjoyed many fun times at OIGFC; a real highlight being the 2017 Gala night. Getting dressed up with the whole club on a night out was great fun – something she looks forward to repeating at the next Gala in May 2018.

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