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OIGFC Newsletter

OIGFC Newsletter


** OIGFC Newsletter #5
Greetings, Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Football Club Members
Seniors Report
Round 1: OIGFC 9.15 – 69 def by Old Camberwell 10.15 – 75
Round 2: OIGFC 14.7 – 91 def Old Geelong 9.7 – 61
Round 3: OIGFC 16.12 – 108 def St. Bede’s Mentone 6.10 – 46
Round 4: OIGFC 6.9 – 45 def Old Trinity 5.11 – 41
Round 5: OIGFC 12.10 – 82 def Beaumaris 12.4 – 76
Round 6: OIGFC 2.8-20 def by De La Salle 10.14-74
Round 7: OIGFC 13.7-85 def 12.16-88

What a thrilling start to the season it has been for our senior team! We are so pleased (possibly relieved) to report that our boys have kicked off their Premier B campaign incredibly well. After a narrow loss to Old Camberwell in Round 1, our team has rallied, securing four consecutive wins that have propelled them to the top of the ladder. It’s a testament to their hard work and the hard work of our coaching staff. There is little doubt in my mind that we have the fittest squad in the competition.

One of the standout performers this season has been none other than Toby McLean. In his first five games donning the Old Ivanhoe colours, Toby has dazzled us all with his exceptional skill and commitment to the game. His contributions on the field have been nothing short of outstanding, setting the bar high for his teammates and inspiring our supporters, particularly Bob Stevens!

But Toby isn’t the only one making waves. Oliver Hayes-Brown continues to impress week after week, demonstrating remarkable growth and development with each game played. His dedication to improvement is evident, and we can’t wait to see how his journey unfolds throughout the season.

In addition to Toby and Oliver’s stellar performances, we must also commend the remarkable efforts of Seamus Gibbs and Nick Vacirca. These two talented athletes are currently playing the best football of their careers, and their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Their recent selection in the VAFA squad is a well-deserved recognition of their dedication in recent years.

Of course, we cannot overlook the contributions of Billy Murphy, whose shining moments on the field have been nothing short of exceptional. Billy’s standout performance in our narrow win against Beaumaris was a true testament to his talent and determination, further solidifying his status as one of our team’s key players and the best players in the competition.

As we celebrate these individual achievements, it’s also important to note the efforts of our entire team. Their collective commitment to the club and to each other is great to witness. With game played, our team grows stronger, more cohesive, and more determined. So it would be great to see as many people as possible at our upcoming fixtures supporting this great group.

Reserves Report
As we revel in the success of our senior team, we can’t overlook the achievements of our reserves squad, who have also embarked on a stellar campaign in the 2024 Premier B competition after their success in Premier C in 2023. With only one loss to their name, a narrow defeat against Old Trinity, our reserves team has demonstrated incredible determination, and resilience on the field.

Leading the charge for our reserves team are Cooper Wilson and Gab Battistella, whose exemplary leadership has been instrumental in guiding the group to success. They just never let us down! Their competitiveness and enthusiasm for their teammates is infectious and they are much loved and much-admired members of the club.

One of the most exciting aspects of this season has been witnessing the progression of players from last year’s Under-19 premiership team into our reserves squad. These young talents have seamlessly transitioned into the senior ranks, proving themselves to be invaluable contributors to the team’s success. Their presence not only adds depth to our squad but also injects a youthful energy and enthusiasm that is great to see.

Indeed, the depth of talent within our reserves team is a testament to the strength and competitiveness of our club. In a Premier B competition that is shaping up to be incredibly close, our depth will undoubtedly prove to be a significant advantage, particularly as we navigate through the challenges of the darker months ahead. Well done boys and well done to Darren Toll, who is coaching and man managing superbly.

U19s Report
We turn our attention to the journey of our Under-19 team. As they embarked on their campaign with determination and zeal, our young talents demonstrated great promise and potential, setting the stage for what we hoped would be a successful season ahead – up a grade just like the seniors and reserves after a 2023 premiership.

The season began on a strong note with a narrow loss away to St. Bede’s Mentone, a formidable opponent who remains undefeated in the competition. Despite the loss, our U/19 team showcased their skill and fighting spirit, leaving us all filled with optimism for the matches to come.

True to form, our young stars rallied in the following games, securing impressive victories against Old Camberwell and Parkside. Their commitment on field was evident, earning them well-deserved praise and admiration.

However, as the season progressed, our U/19 team faced a new challenge with the recommencement of school football. With it came the inevitable loss of access to several players, disrupting the team’s momentum and cohesion. Consequently, our young squad experienced setbacks, suffering heavy defeats in subsequent matches.

While the road may have become more challenging for our U/19 team, it is important to recognise the resilience and determination they continue to demonstrate in the face of adversity. Each match presents an opportunity for growth, learning, and development.

Respite is on the horizon given how short the school season is but hopefully the boys can lift their performance and take care of business without their assistance.

Thirds Report
In late breaking news the Thirds are back! The VAFA conducted a re-draw for the Thirds competition after Round 4 and the opportunity to enter the competition presented and it was an opportunity we were able to take advantage of. Narendra Sivakumar has been installed as captain/coach and he is being ably supported by an army of close friends, most notably Jono Ren who is filling the dual roles of whiteboard manager and team physio.

So far, the signs are enormously promising with the team recording back-to-back wins in their opening matches and are now only a game outside the four. More pleasing than the results is the fact that there seems to be a keen and committed core of players eager to play most weeks. It has also been terrific to work with Naz in ensuring that the Thirds is exactly that, as we have had instances in the past where the Thirds have existed as a club within the club.

With the Thirds in a northern metro competition, it means that there will be a nearby OIGFC match for supporters to witness every week of the season. In fact, their furthest fixture is Melbourne High. So, when the seniors and reserves are in the deep southeast, make sure you get along to support the Thirds.

Our clash strip has made its debut as part of our new jumper release. The feedback for the clash jumper, and its Indigenous design, has been enormously positive from supporters and players alike. In fact, the playing group are keen to upgrade the jumper from a ‘clash strip’ to an away strip.
For those supporters who attended the Gala Night on 20 April, I am sure that you had a terrific evening. Congratulations to committee members; Sienna Whiteman, Denise Bradley and Rowan Weddle for all of the fantastic work they did putting the evening together. There was a great array of items available and the room was full of people having great conversations and enjoying each other’s company. If you were not there, make sure that you do your best to be at the Gala in 2025.
You may have seen in the media, our vice-president Sienna Whiteman front and centre in the battle to see the School’s submission to alter its existing lease passed at council level. Disappointingly there are several voices against the proposed extension of the school’s lease of Chelsworth Park. In return for the extension of the lease the School will foot the bill for the redevelopment of both pavilions and continue to pay the costs of maintaining the park, like it has done for many decades already.

We are pleased to say that Banyule Council voted in favour of the lease at the council meeting on 20 May. It received votes of support from all Councillors except the Chelsworth Ward Councillor Alida McKern.
A planning permit application will be lodged shortly, for which we require your support. We will advise of community consultation dates for this proposal once issued by Banyule Council.
Memberships and Lunches
A reminder to get involved as a member of the football club. The best membership you can purchase is the Platinum Club membership which gets you tickets to our remaining lunches and an entry in the weekly Chelsworth Club 50 draw.

The weekly draw commenced 2 weeks ago and currently we have only 20 entrants, so the chances of having your ticket drawn is much higher than in previous years. With only 20 tickets sold, it means that we still have 30 available. If you are able to purchase a platinum membership, please do and contact me at chris.branigan@ivanhoe.com.au (mailto:chris.branigan@ivanhoe.com.au) to organise.

Date Venue Opponent Winnable Amount
June 1 Home (94 Premiership Reunion) Haileybury $2000
June 8 Bye No Draw
June 15 Away Caulfield $500
June 22 Away Camberwell $500
June 29 Home Geelong $1000
July 6 Bye No Draw
July 13 Bye No Draw
July 20 Home Trinity $1000
July 27 Away St. Bedes Mentone $500
August 3 Away Beaumaris $500
August 10 Away De La Salle $500
August 17 Home Williamstown $1000
August 24 Home Caulfield $1000
August 31 Away Haileybury $500
Presentation Night $1000 (doubled if in the room)

Below are the dates of our remaining home fixtures and the confirmed guest speakers at our Chelsworth Club lunches. Contact Sienna for tickets if you are not a member.

Date vs Event/Guest speaker
1-Jun Old Haileybury 94 premiership reunion – John Stevens
29-Jun Old Geelong TBA
20-Jul Old Trinity Laura Kane
3-Aug Beaumaris Raymore Millard
17-Aug Williamstown CYMS Alister Nicholson
24-Aug Caulfield Grammarians Dylan Buckley

It has been fantastic to add two much needed sponsorships in recent weeks. PKF represented by Glenn Franklin and Aspect Underwriting represented by Michael Wallis. Both Glenn and Michael have been great supporters of the club in recent years, are both Old Grammarians and both have children at the School.
Compared to previous years, our forecasted sponsorship revenue is significantly less than previous years. If you have been a sponsor in the past, or in the position to become a sponsor we would greatly appreciate your support! Please contact Sienna at siennawhiteman@y7mail.com (mailto:siennawhiteman@y7mail.com) to work out an arrangement which suits you.

In the last edition we farewelled Michael Basckos from the committee as he looks to focus more attention on his career and presidency of the OIGA. This edition we unfortunately farewell James Kandiliotis. James joined the committee the day after he retired from playing and was a terrific contributor throughout his tenure. During his time, he took responsibility for our social media presence and general communications and he will be sorely missed.

If you are interested in joining the committee and taking on the role of co-ordinating our marketing and communications please reach out to Sienna or myself.

Volunteer Spotlight
David Veal is a life member and has been a keen member of the football club for decades. Recently he has retired from reserves umpiring and joined the committee. David is also responsible for organising the army of volunteers required to service four teams each weekend – an amazing feat in isolation. In addition to all of that, he happily forward scouts the opposition by watching copious amounts of VAFA TV, is the keenest of track watchers and serves the Thursday night dinner alongside Nikki O’Brien.

For all that you do Vealy, we are thankful to have you as part of our club.

** Sponsor Spotlight

At Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Football Club, we are incredibly grateful for the support of our sponsors, whose contributions play a vital role in the success of our club. Today, we shine the spotlight on one of our esteemed sponsors: The Terminus Hotel in North Fitzroy.

Nestled in the heart of North Fitzroy, The Terminus Hotel stands as a beacon of hospitality. With its rich history and warm ambiance, it has become a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed spot to unwind with friends or a venue to celebrate special occasions, The Terminus Hotel welcomes you with open arms.

A jewel in The Terminus Hotel’s crown, Cinder Restaurant offers a dining experience like no other. Led by a team of talented chefs, Cinder delights diners with a creative and contemporary menu that showcases the finest seasonal ingredients. From mouthwatering mains to decadent desserts, each dish is crafted with care and precision, promising an unforgettable culinary journey.

Beyond its exceptional hospitality, The Terminus Hotel is deeply committed to supporting the local community. As a proud sponsor of Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Football Club, The Terminus Hotel demonstrates its dedication to nurturing grassroots sports, so a huge thank you to Craig Shearer and his team at the Terminus and the other Kickon Group establishments.

Whether you’re craving a delicious meal at Cinder Restaurant, seeking a cozy spot to enjoy drinks with friends, or simply looking to soak in the vibrant atmosphere of North Fitzroy, The Terminus Hotel invites you to come and experience the magic for yourself. With its warm hospitality, delectable cuisine, and unwavering support for our club, The Terminus Hotel truly exemplifies the spirit of community that defines Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Football Club.

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