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OIGFC Sponsorship 2023

OIGFC Sponsorship 2023

In 2023, like with other seasons, OIGFC is looking for the support of its community by way of sponsorship.  Due to the competition being reduced to 9 teams this season, OIGFC have one less home game and as such a decreased opportunity to generate revenue to cover the costs of running the club.  So, more than any other year, your support would be appreciated.

Please take the time to look at the sponsorship packages available at the dedicated link below.  It here that you will find specific details regarding costs, exposure and associated benefits.  Irrespective of your level of support, your support is greatly appreciated and provides benefit to all involved in the club.  While we have our advertised packages, please be aware that we are happy to work with potential sponsors to develop a bespoke arrangement which suits both parties.

The costs associated with running our club are significant but with the support of our generous sponsors we can effectively run the club without passing the operational costs on to our playing members.  In 2023, we are launching a new level of sponsorship, ‘Player Sponsorship’.  Unlike other clubs, Player Sponsorship does not benefit one player, nor is it tied to one player.  Instead, by taking up a player sponsorship, you are contributing to fund which will directly benefit the playing members at OIGFC.  This will potentially take the form of:

  • Subsidised tickets to club events
  • Payment of external education providers

Providing an ongoing education program for OIGFC playing members is a key ambition of the committee in 2023.  We want to be more than a place where people come together to play football and aim to develop people of great quality who will contribute enormously to their community. Ensuring that our players have the skills to maintain their own health and happiness, as well contribute to the health and happiness of those around them is at the core of what a player sponsorship will provide.  We will do this via sessions on:

  • Financial literacy.
  • Anxiety management.
  • Mental first aid – developing the skills to recognise issues in others and provide the first stages of help.
  • Inclusive behaviour.

Individuals and organisations which take up a player sponsorship will be displayed in our clubrooms at Chelsworth Park.  They will also be referenced when social media updates which accompany the relevant events are promoted and reported on.

In addition to sponsorship, OIGFC is always keen to hear from individuals and organisations who are open to providing mentoring and employment opportunities for our playing group.  As an amateur club it is this type of support which would assist OIGFC in its efforts to retain and attract playing members.

So, please consider being a sponsor of OIGFC and joining our great club in a meaningful way and know that you are contributing to something much bigger than helping us win games of football.

Go Hoers!

Click here to become a sponsor of OIGFC for season 2023!
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